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How to Become a Career Coach


Do you have the interest and skills to become a professional career coach in your city, state, or region? If so, we've assembled a short course with all the basic tips and tools for you to become a certified career coach

What's included in the self-paced online course curriculum? 

  • Intro

  • Gaining Coaching Experience

  • Business Side of Things

  • Finding & Establishing Your Niche

  • Building Your Marketing Materials

  • How to Attract Clients

Are you ready to become a Career Coach? Get started by accessing our online course at Teachable. 

Only $49.99! Includes lifetime access and 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Career Clarity Course


Looking for direction in your career?


Are you a high school or college student trying to choose a major?

Making decisions about the next steps in your career requires self-awareness so you find work that aligns with your natural abilities and interest. This online self-paced career exploration course offering lifetime access is packed with instructional videos and proven explorative activities developed from my years of experience helping people to find clarity in their careers.


Perfect for high school or college students who are searching for clarity as well as working adults who are transitioning to a new field, or just looking to move to a new role more suited to their interests and natural abilities.

What Makes This Course Different?

  • Option to include natural abilities assessment (Highlands Ability Battery) and debrief with a Certified Highlands Consultant.

  • Option to include strengths assessment (Clifton’s Strengthfinder) and debrief with a Certified Strengths Coach.

  • Step–by–step guides and videos.

  • Proven exploration methods taken from thousands of 1:1 career clarity coaching sessions and interviewing people who love their work.

  • Elements from The Whole Person Model – Goes over the influences of skills, interests, personal style, family, values, goals, and career stage. You’ll see the importance of being intentional about including other influences in your decision-making — and those influences have names.

  • Access to reduced 1:1 follow-up coaching after completing the course.

Modules Include:

  • Self-Reflection – Deep Self-Reflective Questions, Skill Mapping, Looking Back at Memorable Moments

  • Personal Style – Introversion Vs Extroversion, Are You a Generalist or a Specialist?

  • How To Effectively Get Feedback From Others

  • Identifying Your Natural Abilities

  • What Are Your Values?

  • What Are My Interests?

  • Effective Tips For Avoiding and Overcoming Fear

  • How To Explore Options

  • Tying It All Together

How do I contact you?

Feel free to send your questions to


$400 Value

Investment: $60

$250 Assessment and Debrief Added

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