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Hello, I’m Darius

At one point in my life, I hated going to work so bad that I had anxiety about going back even as I exited the building for the weekend. You’re probably wondering how I got there…

It started when I graduated high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do, and I chose to go to college because that was what everyone told me to do. After changing my major 6 times and finally completing a degree in general studies, I was still lost. I was miserable as I went from job to job trying to find my niche. Luckily, I landed a job in youth development and quickly realized it was a good fit for me. My career transitioned to career coaching in higher education and helping people who were laid off in outplacement. I’ve also taught career development courses as an Adjunct Professor and now work as a College and Career Coach for an online high school as my day job. You can find out more about my career path here.

That miserable time in my life became my life’s mission, I wanted to help other people who were lost to find work that gave them excitement every day. Working with thousands of people in the field of career development for many years along with interviewing people who loved their work, led me to develop tools and activities that work in helping people to find direction. I’ve used these tools to create my Online Find Your Work career exploration course which you can sign up for above.

As a Highlands Certified Consultant and Multi-Certified Strengths and Career Coach, I use additional practical tools like the Highlands Ability Battery, CliftonsStrengths Assessment, and years of coaching experience to help people find clarity and work that brings them fulfillment. Once a person has clarity, I can also work with them in the next steps whether it’s using my skills as a Certified Professional Resume Writer, business coaching, or finding a job by offering job search strategies, interview preparation, and salary negotiations.

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