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Career Clarity Coaching


Highlands Ability Battery + Debrief

Knowing your natural abilities is very important in choosing a career centered around strengths. Whether you’re a high school or college student who’s trying to choose a major or direction for your career or an adult who is looking to make adjustments like adding new responsibilities, lateral or upward moves, or completely transitioning to a new career, the Highlands Ability Battery is for you!

What’s Unique About The Assessment?

Feature #1: The Instrument - some activities seem easy or difficult, while others might be frustrating or fun – and of course, there are time constraints. The timing allows for the separation of natural abilities (which stabilize at around age 14) and for the separation of one ability from another.

Feature #2: The Report(s) - Your report provides detailed information; each of your abilities is described and then combined in a way that is uniquely you.

Feature #3: The Debrief - Hands down, participants describe the debrief as the most beneficial part of the experience. During this session, you meet with a trained professional who explains your report in detail and further customizes the interpretation based on your reason for participation.

Feature #4 – The Whole Person Model - The fear of being defined by measured abilities melts away as your HCC discusses the influences of Skills, Interests, Personal Style, Family, Values, Goals, and Career Stage. With your HCC as a guide, you see the importance of being intentional about including other influences in your decision-making — and those influences have names.

Get started on your HAB journey by contacting me, a Certified Career and Strengths Coach, and Highlands Certified Consultant today! Enjoy a deeper understanding of your natural abilities and start putting that knowledge to work for a better, more joyful experience of life and work.

Investment: $250

Career Strengths Coaching


CliftonStrengths Assessment & Debrief

We've all wondered who we are and what makes us unique.

The CliftonStrengths assessment answers those questions. This online test (formerly named the Clifton StrengthsFinder) measures the intensity of your talents in each of the 34 CliftonStrengths themes. These 34 themes represent what people do best.

Immediately after completing the CliftonStrengths assessment, you'll receive your results in a report featuring customized descriptions of your rank-ordered dominant strengths.

As a Certified Strengths Coach trained in debriefing the CliftonStrengths Assessment we’ll set up a time to meet and deeply debrief your assessment results.

Investment: $250


2-3 Sessions

This package is for someone who knows what they want to pursue but may need some assistance navigating the job market. Like so many people, maybe you’ve been applying for jobs and never receive any responses. I will show you how to get better results and start landed interviews. This package offers everything you need to execute a successful job search including:

  • Free Initial Consultation

  • Effective Job Search Approach Coaching

  • Weekly Job Search Strategies

  • Interview Preparation


The process is complete when all sections have been completed and the client is comfortable moving forward. Resume services can be added.


Investment: $250


Struggling to write your resume yourself? As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, I can partner with you in writing your resume.

  • Levels: Entry- Mid Level, Investment $129

  • Executive: $199

  • Cover-Letter - $50


What’s included?


Info Gathering Phone Meeting – Once we decide to work together to create your marketing materials I will set up a phone meeting to gather information to include in your document. We will focus on highlighting your accomplishments, telling your story, and skills that distinguish you from other candidates. These phone meetings usually last between 30 minutes to an hour.


Word Resume – Use this version when applying online via job boards or company websites. Most companies use tracking systems to scan your resume and these systems don’t read PDF documents properly.


PDF Resume – This version of the resume should be used when sending your resume via email. The formatting won’t change in this form and it will keep the professional appearance.


Formatting your resume for each position worksheet – Although you will receive a resume that is formatted for your particular industry, you will need to format your document for each position that you apply for. As mentioned above companies are using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to scan resumes for keywords in order to rank candidates for open positions. The worksheet I provide will guide you through the process to ensure your resume is actually seen by the person screening for open positions.


How to get your resume in front of the Hiring Managers worksheet – Since there are so many obstacles in place when applying to jobs online I recommend using more direct approaches to getting your resume in front of people responsible for hiring. I use this worksheet to provide practical and effective ways of ensuring your resume is seen by Hiring Managers.

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